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Games News \ Studio Team Bondi is closed
Studio Team Bondi is closed
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Studio Team Bondi is closed

Team Bondi will cease to exist

Australian developer studio Team Bondi, gave the world a detective adventure with a unique facial animation technology, L. It is because of financial problems that led to the fact that the studio had to initiate bankruptcy proceedings. Trouble fell on Team Bondi, one after another. Rockstar has accused the company of incompetence and tranzhirstve, non-compliance in normal working conditions for staff and refused to publish the next game Team Bondi. In addition, the studio took up arms against its employees, failed to find their names in the closing credits. All this eventually led to the bankruptcy of the company - no one wanted to invest money in it, and right on L. Noire remained the publisher Rockstar. At this point Team Bondi moved under external management company de Vries Tayeh, who will take over the closure of all cases, the calculation with investors and creditors, as well as the sale of all assets. While it is unclear whether the studio bought by someone, or simply shut down. Rumor has it that the interest in buying the company Team Bondi showed Dr. D Studios, whose head is the creator of `Mad Max`, George Miller. D Studios has already offered jobs to all employees Team Bondi

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