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Games News \ PHOTO: Might and Magic Heroes 6: Guide to Tactics
PHOTO: Might and Magic Heroes 6: Guide to Tactics
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PHOTO: Might and Magic Heroes 6: Guide to Tactics

Last week, Ubisoft gave a chance to play in the Might and Magic Heroes 6 so by whom was the beta test, and it released the official and publicly available demo. Capabilities of its Bethke virtually identical: the two missions, torn from the campaign and a map for arbitrary

Last week, Ubisoft gave a chance to play in the Might and Magic Heroes 6 so by whom was the beta test - namely, a public official and released a demo version. Capabilities of its Bethke virtually identical: the two missions, torn from the campaign and a map for any rubilova, including the hotseat mode. The first mission story mode does not deserve attention, because this is training, where you will once again explain `how to walk` and `what is the units`. None of this game, the missions of the plan did not happen anything sensible on the subject. Duke vs. Griffin Griffin. The story, incidentally, the background, not intentionally touching kids Gryphonwing Duke with a domestic named Glory, and telling about his own quarrels with the Duchy of Wolf and strained relations with the emperor. Despite the large number of cut-scenes in the game engine, the story lean and indistinct, but this particular bits of the story and the conclusions do not. Most interested, of course balance the formation of factions, pumping and t. What else is in the `horses` may be the chief? Previously unknown studio Black Hole, which mandated the development of the game, decided to create it on three grounds: a nod in the direction of the third part, copy-paste the fifth and own experiments. Tribute to the classics there is much less than we would like. And it is expressed mainly in reducing the scale of the general form, but in order to return some units, such as naked. Borrowing from HoMM5, created by our countrymen, is the visual style. The same units of these games look almost identical, but the sixth part, they boast great attention to detail. But the appearance of cities made it easier by changing the scale on the citadels of grotesque forms of contemplation in hibarok unpretentious little window. Now the city looks more impressive to the general map, than the `inside`. Cold reception lake maidens. The lion`s share of the same gaming features make their own ideas of developers, not always successful. Upset the principle of leveling heroes. It`s not the skills (of which about half - new), but in the way of obtaining them. Now, players are free to choose what they teach and what is not, the elegant element of uncertainty has disappeared and Random. More interesting second part of the pumping that is unique to each character - the development of expertise will depend on how they will behave in battle. If you decide to kill the enemies that run away from you, have earned the reputation of the blood, if you let go (for it also gives experience) - then the reputation of tears. Once filled with one or the other scale, you can develop a specialization. In the story campaign a reputation as the hero will get another job and for any kind of `hostage rescue` and so on. In general, the moral choice. Battle balance pokorezhilo hardest. Battles become more like a race: who will revive, as all the factions, and some creatures available spell `cure`. Previously useless, it can now return to the system killed so many and often bring back (incidentally, the ghoul cut off the supply of the same pespereboynuyu skeletons, making an analogy to the resurrection of necromancy, acting during the battle). This unfortunate decision somewhat offset by another feature (also, incidentally, does not hurt the positive) - the game was not greeted by beings who have not responded to the melee attack. At least, not the dogs of hell, no vampires, no naked not avoid the vengeance of the enemy, even if you have time to improve their fighters. Women`s demolition. Economic changes also were global. You`re already aware of what resources are now only four: wood, ore, crystals and gold. Honestly, at first I thought that it is this element I would criticize in the first place. It turns out that is not so bad idea. The fact is that due to the fact that each building is almost always a cost of all these resources to build something is not such a simple task, even if you took all the mines are located in your castle. We have to look for any means. The market, however, is very very useless - what good is to change one resource to another, if they are all you will really need? Because of the reduction of resources for fighting them becomes more dynamic, so that such an approach, though unusual, but it has its positive side. In addition to the rising of the dynamics of internal strife, they can include more sustainable development of cities, which forces the use of unimproved version of the creatures, which in previous versions of the games considered to be goofy. Shark gallantry. But here`s the rest of the global changes torn soul fan of the `heroes` on the part. In any city you can build a teleport - tactical move between cities does not matter. Growth there is a high level so high that attack spells mages very quickly become useless. Any city can be instantly transformed into a city of your faction. Captured buildings can get in your possession or taking the castle, in which they are either leaving the hero directly into the structure - the player will not receive any resources as long as mine, there is an enemy hero. Except for the situation that gives an individual the ability to `sabotage`. In general, the feeling of playing mixed. On the one hand, it is drawn well, even beautifully. Familiar units are not bad warped imagination, the new has its own charm. Some features of the battle can truly be called successful, and bleeding of the characters becomes more profound and sophisticated. But while the number of inappropriate ideas unsettling. Sad downed balance in combat, and in the economy. And, of course, not happy with the abundance of bugs, unstable and very inhibited the work that can be forgiven in beta, but it is strange to observe in the demo. One thing is certain - the desire to wait for the final version has not disappeared, but the great decrease

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