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Games News \ Blizzard closes Guitar Hero
Blizzard closes Guitar Hero
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Blizzard closes Guitar Hero

Publisher stop working on a new version of guitar simulator, and disbanded the department that has supported the project.

Game publisher Activision Blizzard closes the project Guitar Hero, reports IGN. Work on the new version of the guitar simulator, which was supposed to leave in 2011, will be stopped. Activision dismiss department who was involved in the project Guitar Hero. According to Wired, Activision after the restructuring of approximately five hundred employees will lose their publishers. Now the company employs about 7 thousand. The reason given for the closure of Guitar Hero Activision called drop user interest in the game and a music simulator in general. If in future the situation will change, the publishing house is ready to `reconsider` the decision. Release of music games is very expensive now due to two main reasons: to pay musicians for using their songs in the game and produce costly controllers. In addition to Guitar Hero, Activision refuses even to his two projects - ekshena True Crime: Hong Kong, the output of which was also scheduled for 2011, and the DJ simulator DJ Hero. The development of True Crime: Hong Kong engaged in a Canadian studio United Front Games, and worked on DJ Hero British Freestyle Games. The first console version of Guitar Hero was released in 2005. Series enjoyed great popularity among gamers, and for six years was released fourteen versions of Guitar Hero for different platforms, including iPhone and iPad

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