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Games News \ Batman: Arkham City: Preview
Batman: Arkham City: Preview
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Batman: Arkham City: Preview

Ears erect, cloak-wing himself black fly - bandits vzdernet. Who are you? That`s right, it`s Batman

Ears erect, cloak-wing himself black fly - bandits vzdernet. Who are you? That`s right, it`s Batman. It is time to remember the image of a little Gothic Bat flying out of Gautama, as slowly, but surely the time is approaching release of the new project from Rocksteady Studios - Batman: Arkham City. Despite the fact that the developers decided not to bother to change the graphic component, we seem to be waiting for a completely different game compared to the Batman: Arkham Asylum. It`s all about the concept, which defines the place of unfolding events. In the previous Batman caught in a trap and found himself locked up in the hospital in the company of dozens of maniacs and a few supervillains. In fact, he was forced to play on someone else`s rules, in addition, been deprived of many of its gadgets. Well, let us learn to fly? In Arkham City has changed. Yes, the thugs have won the vacated a district Gautama, called it `the city of Arkham` and chose a leader - Hugo Strange. But Batman knows something the entire Gotham is better than any rogue: all his yards, alleys, places and cereal `pyataks`. Besides, going on a hunt for their heads, he has not forgotten to bring along all necessary equipment. So now is the big question of who someone is trapped. This, of course, does not mean that to cope with flooded the city villains is simply. However, the game on its territory is a completely different game. Batman`s called? Changing concepts justify another significant change in the game - an open world. The playing space is limited to the captured bandits district, but within its limits Batman can move freely. In principle, it would be logical to assume that the new game will Batmobile, but it will not be there. And not to make too many players to travel on foot, Bat supplied cable and cloak. That is all he had in the last game, but this time the role of these toys increase significantly due to the changed nature of the environment. So, Batman is able to learn about the many bandit designs from the extensive tracking system. Thus you will be aware of currently available jobs and be able to get to their place of execution as befits Batman - jumping on rooftops and planning on a cloak along the lanes. Of course, the information system will not be able to give you full information about current events - promises a lot of secrets, most of whom are old tricks Riddler. Beauty and the Beast. Learn a little, you need more and order to bring. Conversation with the bandits in the Batman short, but effective. In the sense that battle, though will be made in the same vein, will become more diverse. In addition to an extremely useful technical bells and whistles (remote controlled betarangi, BET-claw, etc.), Batman will be able to carry more variety and more brutal methods and combinations of strokes. Mode of a detective who has been helpful in Batman: Arkham Asylum, a new game sites will be absolutely necessary. Here are its pitfalls. Several expanding opportunities regime and making it more popular (after all, open area leads to a more thorough investigation), the developers run the risk of forcing players to use it too often. He is certainly very useful, no doubt, but you do not want as much of the game to look at the world through the blue X-ray filter. There needs a precise balance, and I want to believe that the developers understand this. You to miss your chance ... All innovations can achieve a more tactically thoughtful and diverse gameplay. In the confined space was not much passing options of the same episode. With the transference of the action from the hospital in the city of such options should be added. How to disarm a group of bandits: rush right at them, cheering themselves militant swearing, dived on them from the roof, rasshvyryav the old alleys and distance draw attention and escape, lured into a trap? Here is to you to decide. In other words, the idea of u200bu200bopen world game in Batman looks promising and very organic. So the game has all chances to become better and more interesting predecessor, if developers will be able to avoid all risks associated with open-world. For example, would be able, to give players the freedom of action, plot tension to keep. We wait and hope that this year`s title of `best game of Batman` on the right goes to Batman: Arkham City

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