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Games News \ FEAR Multiplayer in March will impress the imagination of players (PHOTOS)
FEAR Multiplayer in March will impress the imagination of players (PHOTOS)
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FEAR Multiplayer in March will impress the imagination of players (PHOTOS)

How often have you visited the idea that the multiplayer in the genre of FPS (and indeed in action games) are no longer able to offer players something new? For the most part these are the same modes, same scheme development and customization - the developers give us what we have already proved themselves. I know this game is already defiled not only lazy behind schedule, but there not in it for something more than just a visual component? Remember when

As a result, we have times from time to actually buy the same ideas embodied hands of different programmers. Even Dead Space 2, broken in multiplayer atmosphere of horror, slid down to the banality. Well, Crysis 2 is able to boast except stealth by making some adjustments in tactics. Yes, anywhere like this: the traditional `capture the flag`, `defend the territory,` collect the details for anything `,` kill all `well, and so on. Bloody showdown. What am I doing? The fact that the multiplayer FEAR 3 none of this would be: either capture the flag, or holding / taking positions, not even a deathmatch `a. The developers decided to take a chance and make the multiplayer `not like everyone else`. Let`s see what they come from. The first difference is immediately apparent, even as some guards - the four existing regimes of all are designed only for four players. Bednovato, is not it? Especially against the background of the projects, which even now manage to beat the records on the number of players in multiplayer matches. However, modes of FEAR 3 fully justify sessions, designed only for four users. We consider them in order. Mode Contractions, perhaps the most banal. He looks like ... well, for example, the zombie mode in CoD. Four fighters entrenched in the shelter on a small map and have to defend against waves of attacking enemies. In this regime will require greater coherence between the players (than in the recent Bulletstorm, for example) - except for shooting besiege you maniac, a madman, obsessed and m. Need to repair defenses and take care of arms and ammunition. Players should be able to efficiently manage all of these three functions in order to survive and survive. Prepare to take cartridges, labeled. Soul Survivor is a regime that uses one of the central ideas of singles - the ability to ghost (in the single player campaign is Vettel) inhabits the bodies of people and seize control over them. Of the four players at the beginning one starts the game as a Spectre, then there is a ghost. His task - for a certain time to turn the other players in the same ghosts, capturing their body. Accordingly, during the match the number of people falling, and the number of ghosts increases. Soul King - this mode too, revolves around the idea of u200bu200bghosts. At this time the ghosts are all four players. Their task - to compete with each other. They can capture the body of bots that are present on the map, in order to kill other bots, including possessed by the other three ghosts. Murder bot gives a certain amount of spiritual energy (something like the local currency), but if the bot kill, in which sat the ghost, then he loses most of them have already accumulated spiritual energy. Win, of course, those who get more than this precious resource. The fourth mode is the most amusing. It`s called F ** king Run! and offers ... no, no offers, but forcing four players to escape the Death Wall (Wall of Death), looking like the front of the blast wave with clouds of smoke. In short, nothing positive in this thing there, so you better take his legs away from her. Will have exactly what to do, because (as already guessed everything), every player got there promptly throw Skates. Give me your soul! Thus, players customize the rear wall of death, while on guard in front of crowds of enemies. Think once, so the need to run right through you have never met. And here is important to try all means to support a comrade, because even the loss of one fighter will make passage of this obstacle is much more difficult. Four very different regimes and require fundamentally different architecture levels. So it will be - of the 12 multiplayer maps (some of which are single locations) for each mode would account for the three cards that are used only in it. Yes, it is logical, because if Contractions require little space, then Card for Soul King will require space and location of F ** king Run!, Are likely to be more linear. Death is on your trail. Of course, not the fact that all this proves to be interesting and will hold qualitatively, but at least FEAR 3 we will see something of themselves, and not the next incarnation of the same concept

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