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Games News \ PHOTO: Review of Duke Nukem Forever
PHOTO: Review of Duke Nukem Forever
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PHOTO: Review of Duke Nukem Forever

Not every day, go play, which had to wait 14 years, right? Of all the studios, who worked for a time on a project Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox Software has spent is not the greatest amount of time, but she eventually released this e

The basic concept of the project Duke Nukem Forever can be considered as an attempt to combine the old-school developers and new elements specific to FPS. Apparently, at the same time wanted to please the fans and the Duke, and the younger generation, just wanting to shoot plenty of virtual monster. I wonder, did anyone in the manual Gearbox did not hear about what is fraught with reckless chase two hares at once for?. Duke does not like power armor. Actually, I can not say that Duke is back, since he did not go anywhere and. He lived in peace, covered with glory and riches, but was ready mentally and physically to a new alien invasion. Unforgettable svinorylye zhirobasy occupied airspace, landed, and while the U.S. president was chewing snot started to kidnap Earth women. Such a disorderly Duke could not stand and not become so self-declared war and sent to fight his entire army - that is itself. In the case of the Duke is quite enough to break off the invaders tusks and cut the tentacles. The plot is in the spirit of this character and is fully consistent with the central idea: a little thought, but a lot of action, blood, destruction and obscene jokes. Not so long ago there was a question about whether so relevant now Duke to appear in modern shooters? Personally, I do not see any reason for the loss of relevance of this character. It`s a parody, a collective image of a tough guy and tough guys in modern movies / games, lack of. Well, in general, portrayed him the most appropriate manner. If someone (ie the fans) wanted a fetish, they got it in full: from the appearance and habits, and ending with jokes, abundant references to many different things, stories, movies, games and t. And anturazhik appropriate: the pathos in the style of Duke on the posters, occasionally flashing a shot naked girls ... And here, by the way, the loss of relevance as time has. In the sense that with the number of debauchery, which is observed in the network, naked boobs and sexy dancing by themselves do not draw the game even teenagers at puberty. On the other hand, what would say about the game, if a DNF it was not? So we assume that this is simply a mandatory standard, and it was commissioned. What is that punk on my throne? Well, the style is acceptable, but this is what`s inside? For Duke that put such mixed reviews - from one to ten? And here comes into play above mixing old school and modern trends. Interesting to show the mechanics of motion in the style of the old times shooters. Who wanted to `strafe`, he got this opportunity, and most importantly a reason to move this way. The fact that the behavior of opponents borrowed from the same place, far from the 90. Down with the hide in shelters, give throwing it on the map in an attempt to dodge the numerous bursts of continuously moving enemies! And the enemies of originality pleased. Quite a few varieties of villains who behave quite differently. Someone breaks into melee, someone is always teleport someone believes in armor, some fly, leap second, third swim ... well, full of all sorts of creatures capsule. With such dynamics would be nice to find good old counter health, hinting that it would be better to avoid injury or know where to fill up the cherished line. But alas, this love of the developers did not have to oldskulu. The range of health really is (disguised as self-esteem), but since Duke can not respect myself for a long time for mistakes made in the battle, with time it recovers. But believe me, sometimes the game is in such a situation in which not much of a saving, even regeneration, so that sometimes the old fashioned way a few times pereprohodit any episode, fighting the system, Autosave, which for this style of game is not the best option. I had fun this is sour ... Returning to a variety of enemies - it is us, as it were, suggests that the means of their destruction should be as diverse. But with a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever and connected the greatest shoal. You imagine, Duke proved to be insufficiently steep for to carry with you all the weapons found. Instead - the standard version of the console, then there are only two guns. There are, of course, pros. The need to use what is at hand, and save ammo makes gameplay in their own interest, but this feature is not simply out of this game. Yes, and the arsenal is some criticism. For example, the monstrously wretched alien weapons. It is not clear at all how these aliens with laser spikes in general are capable of anything to take. Maybe that`s why the enemy infantry armed with machine guns often prefer shotguns and fully terrestrial sample? But the above trick with two guns in the shadow takes unusual types of weapons. Reducers, installation freezes - all these give only in certain situations, and then have to replace them with something more effective against the attacking type of enemies. In general, in most situations, developers decide for you what weapons you will mow the pigs and other vermin that diversity does not add to the gameplay. The game proved to be good at level design issues. The passage, of course, completely linear, occasionally supplemented by secret storehouses with various bonuses, gags or weapons. But this game is quite often changing environment and, consequently, the technique of playing. We wander through dark dungeons, fearing an attack from behind a corner, then balancing on the valve dilapidated skyscrapers, dodging shots flying enemies, then try to deal with petty freaks under water. Add to that the fragments of the games in which Duke is reduced in size, which greatly alter the balance of forces at the battle with full-size enemy. Plus the use of stationary weapons and riding in the SUV - a Duke Nukem Forever has all the traditional elements of FPS, and even more. One problem - too prolonged. Perhaps the fact that, played enough to console shooters going on in the best case for eight hours, gamers are unaccustomed to full-scale action. That this time it serious? Not really tried to developers in respect of visualization. After all, did not think they that `oldskul-project` means outdated graphics? Probably not, but Duke Nukem Forever in this regard is still rather weak was: the poor special effects, a little `cottony` physics, clumsy animation. Such things happened to frighten trembling lovers of beautiful pictures. Translation, ... Well, that translation? It is understandable that those for whom the Duke himself was the first and only goal of the game, only to hear the original voice acting. Did a fine job with voice acting and the Alexander Gruzdev, whose appearance in this role for me was very predictable. Yes, and localizers well get out of situations with a tacit censorship. Matt unexpurgated just do not throw on the counter. But, on the other hand, a naive translation in the style of В«shit - hell,` just bury the image of brutal bespredelschik. Therefore, in the Russian voice highly mats were slightly zapikany - and moral standards are met, and all players are perfectly audible. To put it bluntly, venture with the union of old and new format shooters failed weakly. It is clear that the console audience lose horror as not wanted, but all these new elements to serve as a DNF sewn to the sleeves of his ass - and does not add charm and prevents walking. The game can be worth playing, and even those who were vital to see the return of Duke. It is the same as before. As in the joke: `The same taste. The same elephant ... `Something they can find in the game and those who just miss the old format FPS. But even so, and others should remember that during the passage will have to deal with the existence of some unfortunate or just misplaced items. My favorite color, my favorite size. And even after the release of Duke Nukem Forever came a persistent concern for the future of the project Serious Sam 3, which also went into a multi-platform format ...

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