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Games News \ PHOTO: Dishonored: first screenshot
PHOTO: Dishonored: first screenshot
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PHOTO: Dishonored: first screenshot

And new details become known to the project. So we have to play

The network has the first screenshot and the new nuggets of information on Dishonored - stealth of Bethesda, a development team that there are people who had a hand in such masterpieces as Half-Life 2 and DeusEx. So we have to play a man named Corvo - `` bodigadra some of the legendary Empress, who was wrongly accused of her murder. Now the hero outside the law should punish the guilty and restore his good name. Corvo, not only that it is very clever and very well able to avoid being seen by, vested to the same supernatural abilities. Journalists Game Informer revealed as a hero by stopping time, throws things off the table to attract the attention of the guards, and noisily to get those going in the wrong direction. The gameplay is based on several elements: secrecy, use of abilities, gadgets, environments and smart AI. Dishonored comes out next year on three major platforms

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