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Games News \ Dead Island: another attempt to perfect game
Dead Island: another attempt to perfect game
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Dead Island: another attempt to perfect game

With all the abundance of all kinds of games of the invasion of zombies, it seems that the developers are still trying to create some kind of a perfect game of this format

With all the abundance of all kinds of games of the invasion of zombies, it seems that the developers are still trying to create some kind of a perfect game of this format. And so, contribute to increasing the population of the walking dead did studio Techland, releasing a draft Dead Island. The action revolves around four characters, by chance caught on the resort island. Each of them lives in one way or another smoothly rolled into a ditch. But genetics gave them a chance to become the center of public attention. It turned out that this quartet was immune to the next terrible virus, due to which people turn into zombies. Rib out - the best armor In fact, the rigid banalschina. Get at least the same Left 4 Dead - there is the same story with the immunity. But unlike the zombie-shooter Valve, in Dead Island there is no, but still more extensive story base. In fact, the number of incident planes / helicopters and ships in distress crash cool surprises, and the plot is only partially justified. Anyway, the game pretty much like small logical inconsistencies. A and FIG have with them, because most of the game you will still be wet ... no, MOCHITZOMBI (!!!), not to follow the life experiences of those whom nature has not given immunity, but fate has not yet turned into a zombie. So, if you were originally set up to a fascinating plot, the game just is not for you. But for fans of zombie thrash metal scene, even a set of stamps would be a good addition to meat gameplay. Dead Island concept was initially quite original. The developers plan to combine the slasher, RPG and survival in one game and sprinkle it all with a thick sauce zombie. It should be noted that all components are implemented efficiently and qualitatively. Zombies hate machine. First of all, here you really need to survive. That is, you realize the hard way that the weapons during a zombie apocalypse, do not start appearing on the streets at random and in enormous quantities. So we will use as a `cure for zombie` all that come handy: clothes hangers, pipe cutting, boat oars, construction equipment. In short, everything that you will actually find in this resort town of Normal. And no you armories at every corner - cool as you want. That`s what you`ll do. Search for the best weapon. Not least because the old become worthless at an alarming rate. Therefore it is often necessary to use workbenches for repair and modernization of equipment or a new weapon on the found patterns. To some extent the player would not need to be constantly looking for new weapons, if not quite a strong RPG-component. As the passing game, even the enemies of the former type are becoming more and old weapons, which has its own characteristics, just be strong enough for murder, even if you continually maintain its technical status at the appropriate level. In this case, it`s not your arms deal. Together with the increase in the level of enemies and weapons, will become steeper and your hero. With that, unlike the quartet of Left 4 Dead, then choose your character will have a significant impact on the gameplay. For example, a former athlete Logan handles perfectly thrown weapons, and a black rapper-loser prefers something heavy and blunt. Depending on the choice of character will change skill tree that increases your weapon type specialization. Ultimately, you can use any type of weapon, but a truly effective there will be some their. Mention the word `slasher` immediately brings us to the mechanics of battle, for which, in games where you want to hack and hack, always meet certain requirements. Shooting still does not require a detailed study of the interaction of bodies, as melee. What can I say, Chrome Engine at a height of 5: ragdoll-model gives excellent movement, dismemberment is present, and it fucking naturalistic, as well as damage to the body from which skin peeling off, broken bones, and ... well, you understood me, comrade Butchers. Despite the multi-platform project, Techland able to cope with excellent control in both the console and a PC version, to balance the different requirements for monitoring. Avtopritselivanie unobtrusive, allowing quickly to focus the sight on the enemy`s limbs to be safe, even PC gamers, that it is not very zhaluyut. Zombie porn. Dead Island is good in design and environment. That is, a radar sandboks: There are several locations within which you can freely move around, performing various tasks, or simply iznichtozhit zombie. By the way, how to destroy them a lot (to beat, cut, shoot, push the jeep, burn, blow up, beat the current and t. ), But such an absurdity as in Dead Rising 2 will not meet you here. And because of the small number of really good gear to pull aimless hunt will not be particularly. Nevertheless, despite the fact that you will run predominantly on the map in order to meet targets (mandatory and side), the game may seem quite prolonged. The essence of the missions themselves are very rarely goes beyond `we came to an end / some crap / Come and Get it it to us` or `wire / protect it`s useless klutz`. For all this, you will receive the money, experience and good equipment, so it will be difficult to refuse. And yet sometimes yawn overtakes. Late in the game still makes one rotation, which turns out to be a battle in a confined space, and new types of zombies, and more interesting story cut scenes. Co-op is definitely useful, because in this game is to cover someone`s back - highly relevant employment. Only here the plot multiple partners not indicated. In this virtual zombie drama you`ll feel the only party events, no matter how many friends you have not dragged behind a trace. The first appearance of thugs Dead Island could be called an attempt to bring realism to the genre with a maximum. And this is true - this project really is the most realistic among the various competitors. As possible, including games about zombies. Some particularly sloppy on this occasion was the localization. Disappointing is not casting or unemotional, and a complete lack of editorial. Impression that the game does not even otslushivaya previously, allowed materials that actors wrote the first time. So do not be surprised in the presence of `dialogue `takes unsuccessful. As a result, played a bet on the `meat`. Gamers will still occasionally need to apply some crazy thrash. The main thing is not to overdo. Well, the emphasis on survival, dismemberment and spectacular RPG-strong component of the project will not get lost among a lot of games on the zombie apocalypse. But now a small experiment. Perhaps the description text does not always fully conveys a sense of play and creates the impression. Therefore, this review will be supplemented by a bonus video, which demonstrates the mechanics of the game. Dead Island. Bonus video again (it`s sure to be in each of the next review) offer you self-evaluate the game. Remove the verdict Project Dead Island. At the same time do not forget to unsubscribe, what do you think about the idea of u200bu200bvideo-bonus

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