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Games News \ Battlefield 3 completely sweep away the Call of Duty
Battlefield 3 completely sweep away the Call of Duty
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Battlefield 3 completely sweep away the Call of Duty

DICE studio has published the first part of the full gameplay trailer and showed the presence of a working PC-Game.

DICE studio has published the first part of the overall gameplay movie, and promises to lay out the second part on March 16. In addition, they showed the visitors GDC 2011 working PC-Game. `The image of the game is phenomenal. How light `plays` from the wreckage lying in the streets, alleys, destroyed the market, as the rays breaking through the wisps of smoke from a burning truck - all this is a step ahead of what we saw earlier in this genre, - write witnesses. The first thing that everyone pays attention - stunningly smooth animation. Engine Frostbyte 2 uses a system of animation Animation Toolkit (ANT) on publisher Electronic Arts. Previously, it was used only in sports, but now it took up the shooters, including Crysis 2. In the video you can see, as the protagonist volochet for a wounded comrade: these and other moments it look realistic thanks to a new engine ANT. Destructible also made great progress. This is evident even in normal skirmishes: if the enemy is behind cover, it can shoot a small piece of the wall and hit him. But the player does not have enough strength to destroy everything around - the maximum possible to derail the building of a missile or explosives. But the story of destruction that will be. The game takes place on the border between Iraq and Iran, where just a raging earthquake, and during one of the shocks we will see how to open up and swells the earth and entire neighborhoods are crumbling. `We want to create cool and exciting physical effects, it is one of the reasons why we had to update the engine. We have started to put the first experiments with Frostbyte 1 in a series of Bad Company and will continue to study in Battlefield 3 `- says the head DICE Carl-Magnus Trodson. There are descriptions of gameplay. The situation is this: a sniper on the roof of the hotel, you need to get to another roof and remove it. The team decides that the firing of conventional weapons would be ineffective, and proposes to use the grenade launcher. Rocket explosion at the hotel makes a big hole, its huge signboard breaks and falls down, with all buildings rained shards of glass. Another situation: found a strange red wire, you must follow where it leads. Of course, this is an explosive charge. To reach it, we have to crawl on ventilation. In it the rats running around, and a few new kicks up dust. When you capture a room with an explosive start quick-time event. Perhaps all this will show in the second part of the roller. The unanimous opinion of the witnesses: the killer Call of Duty is defined. The same setting, but the quality much higher. During the discussion, roll one of the fans said that the developers of Call of Duty have to spend money and still update the engine. He said Officer Robert Bowling Infinity Ward, responsible for creative and strategic planning: `Changing the engine - it is counterproductive. For its development takes years and years `. He therefore quite hinted that the technological base of a series does not intend to. In terms of profit he is right: all the same console can not pull the graphics better than the one that is already. But from the standpoint of a player? Tags: Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield, details

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