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Games News \ E3-2011: Sony Conference
E3-2011: Sony Conference
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E3-2011: Sony Conference

Followed by Microsoft, which last night in Los Angeles has made some interesting announcements to surprise the audience prepared to another company of the Big Three ?- Sony. Followed by Microsoft, which last night in Los Angeles has made some interesting announcements to surprise the audience prepared to another company of the Big Three ?- Sony. Looking ahead, we note that PlayStati

Followed by Microsoft, which last night in Los Angeles has made some interesting announcements to surprise the audience prepared to another company of the Big Three ?- Sony. Looking ahead, we note that the PlayStation 4, God of War 4 and Killzone 4 visitors a press conference and did not show, but without the pleasant surprises enough. Sony once marked one of the key vectors of their consoles by giving guests the 3D-glasses. However, the press conference began with a speech by the president of the American branch of Sony Jack Tretton, who again apologized to the owners of the PlayStation over the long simple PlayStation Network in an attack by hackers, and thanked the partners and users for their support. After that came the demonstration games. First appeared on the stage Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra from Naughty Dog, which showed the main flagship PlayStation 3 this year - Action 3 Uncharted: Drake`s Deception. In the demo, Nathan Drake famously cracking down on opponents, has demonstrated the ability to swim under water and is selected from a variety of traps. Showed developers and new gaming video - here`s the most useful those 3D-glasses. Another game with an emphasis on stereoscopic 3D shooter Resistance was 3 of Insomniac Games. A small demo of the gameplay is nothing new said, but Sony has announced a special kit, which will include 24-inch 3D-TV, Resistance 3, 3D-glasses and the necessary cables. This set will retail for $ 499. Under 3D-mode and hone book God of War Origins. It will include previously released on the PSP God of War: Chains of Olympus and the God of War: Ghost of Sparta. They will receive support stereoscopic mode and resolution up to 1080p, the sound in Dolby 5. 1/DTS surround and compatibility with a gamepad with feedback. This kit appears on the PlayStation 3 is September 13. Also in September, the PS3 will release HD-remakes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Much of the press conference, Sony has been devoted to the touch controller Move. The company confirmed that the support of the sensor will appear in a basketball simulator NBA 2K12 (out October 12), the action movie inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Starhawk. Of the interesting novelties worth noting shooter Medieval Moves: Dead Man`s Quest, who originally created it under the Move. It is neither customary inventory or menu, and all actions, the choice of setting up sword fighting will be done with the help of Move. Announced at a press conference and play Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which will be released on the PS3 next year and will also support sensor. Another exclusive Sony - a hybrid of action and strategy DUST 514 in the universe of the MMORPG EVE Online Studios SSR. The game, which will also support the Move, will appear next spring and this fall will be a closed testing DUST 514. We should also stop at the presentation of the exclusive trailer BioShock: Infinite. Ken Levine confirmed that the game will be compatible with the sensor Move, and also told that the disk with BioShock: Infinite PlayStation 3 owners waiting for a pleasant surprise - the full version of the first part BioShock. Such pleasant things in store for Sony a lot of. For example, under an agreement with THQ PS3-version ekshena Saints Row 3 will have a unique network mode, and on a disk with Battlefield 3 will put a free copy online shooter Battlefield 1943. In addition, buyers Need for Speed: The Run will receive a set of additional supercars in the SSX will have an additional route on Mount Fuji, and downloadable prequel to the new film adaptation of Star Trek will be released in 2012, only the PlayStation Network. Buyers will also offer the latest accessory for a sensor Move, turning it into a copy of the combat phaser. However, the central event press conference, Sony was the announcement of a new portable platform, represented himself Kaz Hiran. He said that the old PSP worldwide, sold over 70 million copies, and confirmed that its successor, then changed its name to the NGP on PlayStation Vita, which means `life`. The head of Sony, even a rough period marked the beginning of sales - the end of this year. In this case, Hiran has denied recent rumors, saying that Vita launched simultaneously in Japan, Europe and North America. As previously reported, the console will be equipped with touch screen, large OLED-display, two cameras, Wi-Fi module and 3G. Sony has already reached an agreement on cooperation with several mobile operators in North America, which will provide owners Vita access to network. Hiran also introduced two new services for Vita - Party and Near. The first will allow players to form groups to organize online games, and the second will help users find nearby other owners Vita. In the sale will go two models of the console - with the module Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G. The first will cost $ 249 U.S. and 249 euros in Europe, and the second - $ 299, and 299 euros respectively. Pretty good is the case with games for Vita. The head of SCE Worldwide Studios, Scott Rohde said that currently in development are more than 80 projects for a portable platform. Another interesting novelty - a role-playing shooter Ruin, which many visitors and the press conference recalled Diablo 2 or Torchlight. The main feature of the game - in its cross-platform. For example, creating a hero to Vita, the user can then transfer it to the PlayStation 3. Now it`s Nintendo, which will show their latest developments tonight

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