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Games News \ How are things going with the localization of games in Russia
How are things going with the localization of games in Russia
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How are things going with the localization of games in Russia

Such talk has long been brewing. Such talk has long been brewing. In countries where English is the national language, inevitably raises the question of localization, ie, partial or complete translation of the game. Since in our country are not so often seen people talking to each other in English, the need for periodic

Such talk has long been brewing. In countries where English is the national language, inevitably raises the question of localization, ie, partial or complete translation of the game. Since in our country are not so often seen people talking to each other in English, the need to translate the game is still there, but here as to exactly how this should be done regularly, opinions are divided. At the end of the last century (oh, sounds like something!) Have much choice in gaming and has not been. At best they waited for the translation and dubbing of the amateur level just starting their careers companies. At worst - had to learn English, or marvel at what Fortelle sometimes gives no one controlled by an electronic translator, often making the text absolutely incomprehensible. And indeed, confusion is created complete, up to the existence of several different translations, from which informal at times been awarded the best reviews, etc. For example, it was with Max Payne and Fallout 2. Now henchmen understand commands in Russian. Since then, significantly increased the complexity of the content, mostly due to the large amount of voice acting, which in the native language to translate more problematic than the text. But now something completely different time, is not it? Companies that can organize a competent translation, and even voice acting in the country a few, and through their hands is a lot of projects. However, in recent times is very common to hear criticism of the Russian versions of almost any game. Why not? Come on down. The largest volume of work falls on the shoulders of localizers in cases where a full dubbing. It happens not so often as we would like, but still happens. With the transfer of the text now, as a rule, the problems will not arise, so the main criticism focuses specifically on ozvuchke. The main reason to consider the necessity of such work lies in its scale. After all, the original voice is done in parallel with the creation of the game, and the cost of her charge to the budget (as a rule, not a little when it comes to large projects). Hence the moderate pace of work, and a carefully selected cast. Here lies the main advantage of haters dubbing - the creators of Russian versions often use the services of the same actors, and sometimes even forget about the compliance of selected votes images voiced heroes. And then, of course, begins holivar using doubly applicable arguments about the number of good actors in Russia, as well as the low level of promotion in our country`s gaming industry. Dead Space 2. I`m busy, call back later! And do not forget that many of these actors fit perfectly into the role chosen for them. They, incidentally, would be nice to remember, but it turns out that often criticize or praise, not knowing who it was. Here, for example, one of the titans of the game dubbing - Vsevolod Kuznetsov. This friend is remembered as those who listened to the voice of the narrator in the distant Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and those who lived only contemporary designs. Dante from Devil May Cry 4, Altair from Assassin `s Creed, Jim Raynor from StarCraft 2, Geralt in The Witcher 2 - is only a small part of his role. Or one of the most popular votes Alexei Borzunov, which is easy to remember on the role of Duncan`s Dragon Age: Origins and Charles Kramer of Heavy Rain. Well, well, just a curious fact - Whitley from Portal 2 was voiced by the same person whose voice said Jack Sparrow from `Pirates of the Caribbean` - Alexander Bargmann. Zevran and Ezio - the characters are different, but the voice of a. Actually, these are just examples, and list the distance these people is not limited to. But the fact remains: in our country scoring games have not yet put on a solid foundation, such as scoring films, so the practice of inviting the actors for this business is fickle, and the money is out there spinning seems to be small. In a more advantageous position are fans of the original voice is accompanied by subtitles in their native language. All the same trouble with this version of the translation is less, and therefore choose it very often. True, in this case without some difficulties, not bypassed. Assume that the RPG and you can play with subtitles without problems. But if you project a dynamic and not devoid of plot, the unpleasant feelings may still appear. The most striking example of the new games is, perhaps, Dead Space 2. On why such a project was worth doing dubbing, you can read the reviews. And here, in this seemingly bilateral confrontation appears a third option, which localization can not be named - edition without translation. Incidentally, the case dragged behind a console projects, such as Halo: Reach, Red Dead Redemption, Mortal Kombat, the console versions of Brink and finally dobivshy LA Noire. The paradox, but the console struggling positioning itself as a device designed for maximum comfort during the game, offering gamers back in the 90`s and play, armed with a cherished memory, an English dictionary and Russian mat. Without a bottle does not understand ... for Summarizing the above, we can distinguish the most important domestic issue of location - lack of system. Simply put, there is no principle, from which one could accurately predict how will be transferred to one or another game. Even the most ambitious projects often go without translation at the time, like some little thing successfully duplicated. Various forms of localization may be a project of the same game series. And similarly, a series of projects falling into the hands of different teams localizers. But all rests in the holders of preference and, probably, in the money. But do not let the bad news. It is better to try to remember which of somehow transferred projects were particularly good. It is not always the main role played by the budget and the degree of `zvezdatosti` guest actors. The deciding factor may be the thoroughness of the work and creativity. If before you read the usual facts, here is already beginning pure subjectivity. After all, creativity and soulfulness ruler can not be measured - is guided only by feelings from what you see / hear, and they each have their. Nevertheless, here is a list of projects, most memorable to me for its localizations. Each of these games seem to prefer it in the Russian version is not due to a trivial convenience, and because of the fact that the translation leaves a more pleasant experience than the original. The Witcher 2. No, buddy, common language, we`ll not find ... Bard `s Tale. Translate the humor is generally not an easy occupation, because jokes are based on a play on words. In this respect, the work of studio Logrus can be called a virtuoso: dubbing excellent saves coloring game, gently yielding to subtitles during the songs. However, the texts of the songs tried separately, not only to convey the meaning in the poetic form, but retaining the stressed syllables in stanzas. This newly released game is presented in the form of a certain standard of quality among localized projects. A more careful approach to translation and voice had not yet met, so that Blizzard would be worth much to learn. Again, the case in humor organically translated not only into our language, but also in our format. In the plus also goes part of the actors, which differs from the traditional. The result of the new disc is completely worth waiting nearly a year after the release of the game with subtitles. Dragon Age: Origins. I know this localization from EA Russia criticized very often and with great pleasure. Although, in my opinion, the claims are valid only for half. They relate mainly to the editors who committed many mistakes in cleaning the tracks and apparently overlooked a few cues from what they have got a completely different actors. Despite this, the selection of actors in the amount of the conservation of articulation were doing their job - after the Russian version of the English voice rose in the throat with its dubious experiments with respect to emphasis the residents of different parts of Ferelden. It is necessary to thank friends from Snowball to preserve the original atmosphere of this game. Qualitative linguistic work, a good selection of actors and step away from a ban on the mat is not allowed to play (as is the case with the English version) to get closer to a traditional RPG, which prefer the west. It`s Payne! In the list of mostly new projects, but it is true - every year to this question came up more carefully ... almost always. If, however, to remember some little old work, too quickly out of nostalgia, but not because of their high quality. Of these works recall the unofficial translation of Max Payne, the localization of the draft Access Code Rai and voice games Gorky-17. However, if you do not bother on the quality (and now it all such zamorochennye, as many horror), then sought a creative approach in these papers can be found easily. I would like to know the ratio of readers to this topic. What projects are most remembered for his translation (qualitative or, conversely, terrible)? What local companies do you think leads in the localization? In addition, we invite you to vote for your preferred method of localization

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