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Games News \ About Technology in Mass Effect 3
About Technology in Mass Effect 3
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About Technology in Mass Effect 3

One of the problems of game series, based on an extensive and interesting game universe, is the need to make changes in this space with each new part. One of the problems of game series, based on an extensive and interesting game universe, is the need to make changes in this space with each new part. Well, can not make the game world every time is equally impressive, if it does not appear to be anything new

One of the problems of game series, based on an extensive and interesting game universe, is the need to make changes in this space with each new part. Well, can not make the game world every time is equally impressive, if it does not appear to be anything new. And the team BioWare, working on the project Mass Effect 3, it is well aware. World Mass Effect was quite moving, as evidenced by the appearance of the second part. The central technology around which revolve almost all the major events, remains intact. The unique system of dispersal of material objects is not like the technology that are described in other science fiction works. It is used as is known, and to move (repeaters), and for war - weapons Alliance uses metal blocks dispersing their microscopic particles embedded mini-repeater. Thus ammunition for the weapons were not required, the only difficulty was overheating, does not allow players in the first part of the existing non-stop fire arsenal. The operatives of Cerberus go into battle with the unmodified weapons. But this time, as the search for and use of ammunition, was important for anyone who appreciates a shooter-component ME. So at BioWare decided to resort to a little trick - they modified the weapons, adding to its cooling device charges. That is, gun still has an almost infinite ammo, but shoots, consuming cooling charges. That is, in fact, exactly the same thing - charge back, and the need to spend wisely the existing charges, and the technology of weapons has not started contradict the original concept. Along with this development came and heavy weaponry, has acted in different ways and have required a very real weapons that could get in the course of missions. In the third part of such dramatic changes in principle the use of arms does not require. Can be seen already encountered in the second part of arms, up to specific models. For example, in the screenshots it was possible to observe rapid-fire gun, `Cicada` and a sniper rifle В«M-29 Fang` from the DLC to ME2. And, presumably (again, from the screenshots), Shepard can use a gun, `Lavin M-622`. If, however, and heavy weapons not enough for you, then please traditional chip shooters - stationary weapons like heavy machine guns. The assembly of weapons in the field. Actually, you can use any weapon to be completely who you meet in battle. The enemy, dropped his rifle, his may be said to make you a gift - use it if you want. But in terms of technology more interesting time with the modernization of weaponry. In addition to excellent visualization of the assembly process of new samples (in contrast to the first part), we can pay attention to the parameters of weapons that can be improved. This stability, the volume of the store, rate of fire, damage and accuracy. Two slots allow installing additional modifications, which were immediately reflected in the appearance of your instruments of death. By the way, technology has reached what is now the modification can be carried out directly during the missions on special benches, and not just at Normandy. But not everyone comes to the use of firearms. As promised, there was a melee weapon. In the demo shown at E3 2011, showed a uni-dagger - the blade embedded in instrumentron Shepard. It looks spectacular and will be used, apparently, all classes of character (at least, the soldiers and their techniques will definitely be wielding). As for the other team members, we have previously reported that each of them individually will melee attack. Futuristic assassin. But all these changes would have been, according to BioWare, is not enough to impress fans of technological innovations. Here comes into play in the organization of Cerberus, known for its experimental military developments. One example - jet boots, with which the operatives of Cerberus overcome obstacles. From the viewpoint of applied mechanics - utter nonsense, but visually it`s at least some attempt to escape from the banal jetpacks. Will take effect and an impressive fighting machine `Atlas` - single walking tank, equipped with heavy weapons. In the screenshot you can see a rocket launcher and claw, under which a melee is better not to get caught. It is unknown whether it can be to capture the `Atlas` for personal use, but disable it, killing the pilot (rather than trying to penetrate the armor of the car), just be allowed to. Reapers, the enemies of the human race (and not only human), also boast a new technology M3. First of all, this is a demonstration of military power - Navy Reapers. This time they show themselves not only as a huge space cruiser, but as ships capable of operating on the surface of the planet. Another trump card is their modified Huskies, that is, cybernetic zombies. Now they make not only men but also of other races - also a kind of progress. New varieties Huskies. The next technological innovation is only a hypothesis, which, however, can be quite insidious spoiler, so that particularly impressionable, this paragraph is better not to read. So, all must have wondered why he took Cerberus like this and decided to head to tear Shepard. In the demo shown at E3 2011, Shepard says the phrase: `They are under the suggestion and are capable of anything`, referring to the operatives of this organization. It is logical to assume that the lovers of advanced technologies summarized their own curiosity. Thrusting his long nose deep into the technology of collectors, these friends could easily fall under the suggestion of their hosts. Enslavement of consciousness - that`s you and the central technological innovation under the trademark `Reapers and Co.`. Perhaps it is because of this incident, the fleet was able to invade the Reapers and the universe. And they Prothean subdued, certainly not without it. Although this is only speculation. The remaining information on new technologies and scraps scattered. Well, the rumor that the players once again have to face in battle with a synthetic race - with getami. Legion we`ll see exactly, but there will be friendly to the people of his relatives, it is unknown. It is not excluded that they too will have its own internal conflict, by allowing that, you can enlist the support of the Goths in battle with the Reapers. Another interesting rumor. Rumor has it that one of the DLC, available on launch day, will be an extra character ... (small drum roll) proteanin! Representative sunk into oblivion race that turned into obedient slaves, the Reapers, certainly able to show and tell many interesting. Reapers flew. Now we will reap ... In general, full of novelties, and named, for sure, not all. For example, nothing at all has been told about how the changes will undergo Normandy after studying and rebuilding it into a hangar Alliance. Can also something new to appear. It is also unknown whether the game the possibility of using ground transportation (such as M-35 `` Mako in Mass Effect). After all, listen to the views of BioWare fans and put in Mass Effect 2, M-44 `The Hammer `in postreliznom DLC. Surely, the developers and the writers manage to surprise us with something else. Although, the above changes is greater than it was in the second part, compared with the first

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