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Games News \ Blizzard Employees responded to questions about the interface
Blizzard Employees responded to questions about the interface
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Blizzard Employees responded to questions about the interface

The official website of World of Warcraft was published by another portion of the developers answer the questions fans. Q: Do you plan to developers as a redistribution

At this time, Blizzard employees have told many interesting things about the user interface of popular MMORPG. In addition, the collection started the fourth portion of the issues dealing with weapons and armor in World of Warcraft. You can leave a question on this page. Q: Does the developers somehow convert the combat log to simplify viewing the results of fighting? - Jito (Europe [English. ]) A: Of course, the combat log can be improved. It was originally conceived to provide players with an instant report, more detailed than the show pop-up text battle and a panel of positive / negative effects. In reality he was much more useful. For example, to understand what you so badly hit, or what triggered this or that effect (PPW). However, we would like to remake the magazine in such a way that it allows better analyze the results of battle. Now he sometimes uses too many system resources, and it is difficult to filter out relevant information. We have little altered the combat log to simplify the analysis of its records with the help of external websites. Q: Are there modifications that greatly simplify the gameplay (eg, fights with the bosses). Do not you think that the use of such modifications by most players against the concept of the game? Do not put it the other players that do not use addons at a disadvantage? -?? (Taiwan) A: This question requires a detailed answer. Perhaps we even dedicated a separate article in the blog. In the meantime, we can answer that modification - this is an excellent tool to provide information to the player that he needs to know (and we do not intend to hide it in the future). For example, they report on the level of threat, distance to other players, receiving lethal adverse effects, and other useful information. On the other hand, some addons so easy gameplay that start to play for you, and you completely follow their instructions. When a player tells changed so much information about the fight that he has ceased to monitor the situation around, it`s already too. I do not think that now that the genie can be returned back into the bottle. It would be too severe if we had limited access add-ons to the collection of certain information, but sometimes we do not quite imagine how this can be done. We continue to improve the gameplay so that players paid more attention to the battle, and clicked on those buttons, which he suggests addon. Yes, the modification will tell you when Atramed uses `ultrasonic pulse,` but she can not predict where it will happen. Battling with Sinestro, players must look at the battlefield, not only on the interface so as not to miss the Twilight excision `. In fact, we ourselves are trying to warn players about the predictable capabilities that use the bosses. For example, members of the Conclave Wind and Nefarian use some abilities at regular intervals, and when they have accumulated a certain amount of resource or reserve of health falls below a specific level. Difficult to determine the exact scope of which should allow the use of add-ons. In raids you can walk without them, and some players and come. Despite this, in difficult raid dungeons addons often provide players with valuable information that we do not tell you with built-in games. Do we need to completely copy the interface presented in the screenshots of some players who use custom modifications? Probably not. Our raid interface - this is a good example of what we want to achieve. Many players lack the information it provides (and we plan to expand its capabilities in the future). Maybe it does not absolutely all functions favorite raid members, it is here that they come to the rescue and custom add-ons that can be customized based on personal preferences. Q: Are we Waiting for any changes associated with the bank boxes and bags? For example, storage for sets of gear (clothes), items needed for assignments or tabard. Will a standard bag of more than 16 cells? - Yenaeia (Europe [it. ]) A: We believe that now is the optimum size of bag. Imagine a computer that does not contain a directory structure and all files are combined into a single folder. Much the same would happen if we continue to expand the bag. There is a better solution: the characters can keep those things which are not often used, in another place. We could create a special interface for the tabard, as is the case with the premium titles in the character menu. Also, we want the characters had a chance to keep old sets underutilized equipment. Some issues are items needed for assignments. We would like to see they were stored in a separate section that is not associated with a bag. Why put the bear`s tail in the bag of the character, if you can just create a counter collected the tails? So could have prevented an overflow bag, but then the job would become more abstract. Q: Previously, an indicator of health does not overlap the character of the character, because between them there was a margin. At some point, the indicator was overlap the upper part of the character, so it became difficult to determine the health of some of the NPC and other characters. This is by design? - ?????? (Korea) A: In addition Cataclysm, we changed the principle of indicator displayed. If this was a mistake: we are strapped position indicator of health status to the top of the frame. Thus, when approaching the camera indicator of health began to cover the portrait of the character. An anchor point will be at the bottom of the frame, so when approaching camera indicator will go up, not down. In: Milling and sifting - very monotonous lessons that need to be manually prodelyvat. Especially frustrating when you have to rework a lot of raw materials. The process of turning plants into dye, and then in ink and the corresponding symbol takes up a lot of time Inking. And as a result of this tedious start to hurt your hand and index finger. - Keb (North America), googce (Taiwan) A: We fully agree with your opinion. The difficulty lies in the fact that improved the mark easy, because we can not predict which herb or ore wants to use the character. Suppose you have two types of ore: cheap and expensive. It is unlikely that you`ll be glad if you miss and accidentally use a valuable ore. There are several ways out of this situation. Firstly, you can re-grinding and sifting process. If I had to use a prescription was needed, then we would know exactly what material will be recycled, but the list of recipes for the character grew up to be of epic proportions. Secondly, we could add a new base interface (such as when reforging), in which raw materials for processing, you can drag with the mouse. In addition, this same interface could be used for spraying. Q: Could you add the ability to change the order of the characters on the character selection screen? -?? (Korea), Fanahlia (North America), Perle (South America) A: No problem! Wait Pack 4. 2? Q: Do you plan to add a standard interface capabilities, which now provide custom modifications? I mean, these add-ons like Recount and Omen. - Bauertehpala (Europe [English. ]), Actinidia (Russia)?? (Taiwan), Terini (North America) A: Currently we are testing a scale for measuring the level of threat in the new interface group and raid. As for the function to measure the DPS, we would like to implement it in the game, but we have not yet determined in what form. Perhaps the combat log or the system advances will someday be turned on and this feature (yet both of these systems not ideal). Q: Do you plan to extend the Trade channel, so you can buy and sell goods directly via chat? - Abolita (North America) A: By and large, the game already has a place for the centralized trading. If you just do not want to pay an auction fee of 10%, then our opinions diverge. You now can negotiate with the prospective seller or buyer via IM. The only drawback of the current trading system is manifested in the sale of expensive arms and armor, created characters. It is clear that no one wants to transfer valuable raw material, not yet found a buyer for a product. Again, there is not enough willing to pay the auction fee from the sales price of 20,000 gold when there is no guarantee that a rare commodity to be bought. We are looking for ways to solve this issue. Q: Now it is difficult to monitor the cooldown. For example, I play a druid healer, so I need to know the cooldown of Mercy of Nature. Are you planning to add some feature to make this easier? - Any? (Europe [English. ]) A: It is difficult to implement without making significant changes to the interface. You can certainly add a negative effect, reporting a recovery period, which will be useful when using abilities with a long `rollback`. 60 seconds for the `grace of nature` - is such a case. You can also give players the opportunity to make passive abilities in the command bar and see where the recovery time in numbers, but not in the form of `radar`. Custom modifications shall settle the question in another way: they further complicate the interface. We do not want to go this route. Q: Are there any plans to improve the postal system? Rather inconvenient to disassemble the message at a time, when they piled up in the box on multiple pages. - Patr??ck (South America) A: In fact, this inconvenience associated with the auction. The mail system is arranged so that a little slow down with messages to prevent spamming and advertising. This does not cause any problems with the `real` mail, for example, when you need to send a message to other guild members or non-core character. The problem lies in the fact that we have linked the e-mail system with auction. Players who are actively selling goods at auction, are forced to handle a lot of messages. This is particularly inconvenient when you set various kinds of goods for a short period. We are considering various options to improve the auction, but in our opinion, the increasing automation of mail - not the best solution. Q: Before you enter add Cataclysm, you said that, if possible, increase the number of cells in the main character`s backpack. On this score there is still some plans or you have completely abandoned the idea? Six years with the same backpack - not a short period! - Proenix (Europe [fix. ]) A: Believe it or not, but it is technically difficult to implement. The backpack was originally designed without the possibility of future expansion. If you now try to increase it, then there is the risk that the character will disappear from the backpack are some things that certainly would be a disaster for many. We`re still thinking about the implementation of this scheme, but, unfortunately, simply change the number 16 to 24 did not come here - is much more complicated. Q: Will I be able to move and group the elements of a standard interface without modifications? - Ruind (North America) A: We are gradually moving in this direction. Already we can change the position of the stored target, and Pack 4. 1 you can move beyond the character (an indicator of health and life) and goals. Also, you can resize and position of windows in the group and raid. All that matters in the fact that if, for example, now include a map of all the interface elements (including indicators of strength and command window scene), they occupy almost the entire screen, and the world as such you will not see. In addition, if you allow players to freely move the UI elements - very likely cases where some elements of the interface will be accidentally closed by other. Likely for skilled players will not be difficult to find a way out of this situation, but we want to protect those who are not very well imagine the game interface device. People far removed from the game development and software in general, it would seem that it is easy to get around: just add a menu big red button that says `Help! I`ve ruined everything! `, Through which one could improve the situation. However, believe me, this is not so. Q: Would you like to introduce a system for selecting individual goals? For example, to be simultaneously specify different targets for offensive and defensive abilities. Then we would not have to switch targets when necessary, for example, quickly cure an ally (or even any ability to use it), while you attack the enemy. Such a function would be very useful to certain classes of, say, paladins, `Vindicator` or priest of Darkness. - Whitewnd (Korea) A: We know that such a function would be useful, and it is already implemented in some games, but we have a number of objections to its introduction. Firstly, it would complicate the interface, what we really do not want to do (see our previous responses). Moreover, we like that right now the players must choose the target. It would be too easy if the negative is always the ability to induce the enemy, and the positive - an ally. There are exceptions to this rule, for example, `Atonement`, but in general we want players at every moment to make a choice whether to take protective or attack action

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